HP and UHP Water Jetting

Extensive knowledge and experience combined with highly trained personnel and reliable equipment has made Denholm MacNamee a market leader in high and ultra high pressure water jetting solutions to the energy and industrial sectors.

Water jetting is the most effective and environmentally friendly method used to clean surfaces and remove unwanted surface matter.

High pressure water jetting uses pressures up to 15,000 psi (1,000 bar) and is used mainly for cleaning.

Ultra high pressure water jetting uses pressures up to 60,000 psi (4,000 bar) and is used for surface preparation, de-scaling, coating removal, concrete and cold cutting.  

Experienced operators, all fully trained and qualified, operate under the WJA and WJTA Codes of Practice. Additionally, Denholm MacNamee is accredited as a member of the Offshore Contractors Association which enables teams to be quickly deployed, on and off shore. In addition, we maintain specialist skills for LSA and NORM cleaning solutions.

An extensive fleet of pumps, lances and ancillaries can be configured to service all conceivable customer needs. Reliable units meet ATEX standards for Zone I or Zone II as necessary, and can be supplied skid or trailer mounted as required. The Hammelmann pumps offer a full pressure range for both HP and UHP usage which, with the uncompromising maintenance schedules within Denholm MacNamee, offer one of the most reliable solutions for clients.

Steam and chemical cleaning are both available as part a range of jetting solutions.