Equipment Rental

Knowing that customers need to rely on equipment to get the job done efficiently, Denholm MacNamee maintain all machinery to the highest standards to ensure that it will function at optimum levels.

Regular inspections and rigorous maintenance schedules mean that our clients have peace of mind.

Offering a full range of equipment for jetting, cleaning and inspection, Denholm MacNamee cater for both bare hire and with operators, all of whom are highly experienced and fully trained technicians.

Equipment available:   

  • ATEX compliant containerised Zone II diesel driven HP and UHP jetting units
  • ATEX compliant skid mounted Zone I and Zone II electrically driven hot jet units
  • ATEX compliant Zone I electrically driven jetting units
  • Skid and trailer mounted safe area HP and UHP jetting units
  • HP/UHP lances and foot valves
  • HP flow control valves
  • UHP deck blasters
  • Hand held UHP vacuum blasting tools
  • HP hurricane and cyclean 3d tank cleaning nozzles
  • High flow warthog sewer and pipe cleaning nozzles
  • HP/UHP BJV pipe cleaning nozzles
  • HP/UHP Barracuda and Gopher jetting nozzles
  • HP Spitfire jetting nozzles
  • HP Raptor and RJV jetting nozzles
  • HP Badger jetting nozzles
  • Wheeled centraliser trolley's up to 46"
  • HP/UHP freelance tube bundle cleaning systems
  • Diver operated zero thrust HP/UHP lances
  • Caisson jetting tools
  • Pneumatic hose spoolers
  • ROV operated jetting tools
  • Subsea jetting packages
  • Vessel entry packages
  • 2" and 3" HP Venturi jet pumps
  • 2" and 3" pneumatic scale reduction units
  • 2" and 3" pneumatic diaphragm pumps
  • 2" ATEX chemical filtration unit
  • 2" ATEX chemical pumps
  • 3000 litre Zone II chemical heating tanks
  • Ex / IS rated drain/pipe CCTV inspection systems
  • Ex Borascope inspection systems
  • Zone II diesel driven vacuum units
  • Safe area diesel driven centrifugal pumps
  • Non intrusive tank sweep nozzles
  • ATEX compliant hydraulically driven molex pumps
  • NORM radiation monitors

Denholm Macnamee also offer a comprehensive repair and maintenance service to cover all types of HP/UHP jetting units and equipment to support our clients.