Refinery and Petrochemical Plant

Many components of refineries and petrochemical plants build up hydrocarbon deposits over time. The cleaning of these is often less than straightforward, requiring decontamination to eliminate hydrogen sulphide, benzene, explosive gases and pyrophoric iron sulphides.

Whether as part of scheduled maintenance or break fix works, Denholm MacNamee offer extensive experience in chemical cleaning and decontamination, ensuring that maintenance teams are quickly deployed with safe access to the plant for the required operations.

As the UK licence holders for the Zyme-Flow® family of products, Denholm MacNamee provide highly effective, fast acting solutions that are safe for personnel, plant and the environment. The chemicals used have near neutral pH, are non toxic, biodegradable and non-flammable.

The process drastically improves entry time to 12 hours or less and eliminates safety concerns associated with cleaning, degassing and environmental compliance. 

Denholm MacNamee offer a range of options that, together, form a complete package of works:

  • Site surveys and evaluations
  • Pre engineering, including full HSEQ and method statement documentation
  • Supply or rental of equipment
  • Trained operating staff to carry out the operation or consultancy and advice
  • Supply of chemicals

The Zyme-Flow chemicals and process can be used in liquid or a patented vapour-phase® process utilising the plant's existing steam-out procedures. The chemical quickly penetrates hydrocarbon sludge thus facilitating removal or neutralisation of contaminants, creating a safe and stable environment:

  • Reduces levels of H2S and LEL to zero or near zero, benzene is eliminated or reduced to less than 1ppm
  • Eliminates pyrophoric iron sulphide and other sulphides
  • Excessive steam-out times are avoided
  • Emulsions are quickly achieved without the need for a separate breaker
  • Resulting waste water is suitable for normal waste water treatment plants