Oil Storage Tanks

Over time oil storage tanks build up contamination, deposits and gases which can cause complications in their general use, repurposing, repair or recertification.

Denholm MacNamee solves these issues utilising a unique process proven on tanks up to 100 metres in diameter with a range of usages including black oil, heavy product, light oil and ballast. The process has a highly successful proven track record delivering mulitple benefits:

  • Maximises the recovery of usable hydrocarbons from solids and deposits to the client inventory
  • Separation of water from emulsions to a quality where it can be disposed of to normal water treatment units
  • Eliminates the presence of H2S, benzene, pyrophoric iron sulphide and low explosive limit (LEL) gases in preparation for manned entry
  • Minimises the remaining sludge and solids for subsequent managed disposal

This non-intrusive process includes the use of the Zyme-Flow® range of products; Denholm MacNamee are the sole licence holder for the United Kingdom offering a comprehensive range of services:

  • Survey and evaluation of tank contents
  • Use of thermography around the edges of tanks as a comparative analysis tool
  • Provision of all HSEQ documentation including method statements and risk assessments
  • Deployment of manpower and equipment including access for circulation pumping system
  • Addition of chemical and circulation / agitation of tank contents
  • Recovery of hydrocarbons, e.g. usable crude and oils
  • Pumping out and disposal of waste liquids, including solids up to 30mm
  • Additional access to the clean tank for recovery and disposal of remaining solids and sludge by mechanical handling systems

Denholm MacNamee's equipment is state of the art, fully certified, ATEX compliant (Zone I or II) and is compact and easily transportable and deployable to the most remote or chalenging locations across the world.  

With highly trained manpower, experienced in the use of all relevant equipment, Denholm MacNamee are poised to offer rapid response times without compromise on quality or efficiency.