Low level radioactive deposits that have accumulated on oil and gas production equipment cannot be discarded into the environment without proper appraisal.

Where deposits and waste are measurably in excess of background radiation levels, Low Specific Activity (LSA) and Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) regulations need to be applied. In circumstances where these do not apply, other considerations need to be assessed prior to disposal.

Denholm MacNamee offer a complete range of procedures to manage the safe removal and disposal of such waste in line with legislation, industry standards and client requirements.

  • Assessment of deposits to determine the relevant procure to be followed
  • Advice and recommendations for efficient disposal
  • Safe transfer of deposits to an authorised disposal facility

If lower contamination levels apply, Denholm MacNamee ensure the waste is oil free and has been reduced to the necessary 1mm particle size by maceration before disposal to the environment.

With established procedures and vast experience in all aspects of specialist industrial cleaning, Denholm MacNamee ensures that items can easily and quickly be:

  • Returned to service, or
  • Taken to the beach for second-line repairs, or
  • Disposed of safely as scrap metal