Abrasive Water Jet Cutting

Cold cutting, using ultra high pressure water jetting, is a highly effective method usable on steel, concrete and other materials in any industry sector.

The spark free and comparative low temperatures make this process highly suitable for any combustible and flash-risk environments.

With cold cutting equipment capable of delivering linear, circumferential and circular cuts, Denholm MacNamee are able to work on steel plate, pipe work, bulkheads, marine decks, curved tanks/vessels, concrete decks, structural concrete columns and concrete floors.

Ultra high pressure water jetting machines allow flow and pressure to be adjusted to achieve maximum cutting efficiency depending on the material.

Highly trained and experienced personnel offering considerable experience across a wide range of cutting equipment using the latest abrasive/water cutting techniques available. Equipment used by Denholm MacNamee meets ATEX Zone I and II standards.

Chain, magnetic or bespoke manipulators can be supplied for a variety of applications where required. Denholm MacNamee offer both manned equipment and equipment hire (to suitably qualified individuals).